What is changing?

Amazon is changing the requirements for Sponsored Brands ads using the Product Collection ad format. Beginning January 31st, 2024, new Product Collection ads will require a custom image that complies with the policy. Existing ads without a custom image will stop serving after May 31st, 2024.

What do I need to do? 

We have implemented the new requirement in the Ad Optimizer’s campaign creation flow, so you can continue to create your campaigns as usual.

Your existing active campaigns that contain only product images will need to be updated to continue delivering after May 31, 2024. To help you easily identify these campaigns, we have added a new notification filter: "Campaign requires custom image". This allows you to filter the campaigns you need to update with just one click.

How to add a Custom Image to an existing Ad?

Currently, Creatives for existing ads can only be edited through the Amazon Advertising Console. However, we are working on allowing you to edit your Creatives directly in the Ad Optimizer in the near future.