To make your work with Ad Optimizer more efficient, we have added some new bulk actions.

Add targets + Remove targets

The "Add targets" and "Remove targets" functions allow advertisers to easily add or delete targets, such as keywords, to selected campaigns. This can be done by selecting the target type (Keyword, Product, or Brand) in the submenu and entering the desired changes.

“Copy” and “Copy as draft” for all campaign types

You can now copy all campaigns with the management option "Full support". You can choose between the two options "Copy" and "Copy as draft".

  1. Copy 

The copy feature allows you to copy a selected campaign with all its settings including the targets, bids, and daily budget limits that have been adjusted by our algorithm, so that you get an exact clone. You can then edit the copy, change the campaign name, portfolio, start and end date or modify the targets.

  1. Copy as draft

With the new “copy as draft” feature, you are able to copy a campaign with all its basic settings into a prefilled creation form, so that you can easily create a similar campaign without inserting everything again. It is important to know that in this case bid settings and targets as well as daily budget limits are not copied.

Please note that campaigns with Status “incomplete” or “pending” cannot be copied.

You are now able to easily move campaigns from one portfolio to another within Ad Optimizer by using the bulk action “Change portfolio”

Change start date

To allow for quick changes on the start date of multiple campaigns the bulk action “Change start date” was added to the bulk action menu. Simply select campaigns, choose “Change start date”, select a new  start date, and press “Save”.