We have improved the UX of the Campaigns table and added some nice new features that will make your daily work easier.

  • You can now change the campaign name via inline editing 

  • With the new filter option “Last updated” you can easily find the campaigns that you have recently created or updated so that you can edit for example campaign names. 3 time ranges are provided:

    • Last 5 minutes

    • Last 10 minutes

    • Last hour

  • For a better overview, we have added the ad format to the Campaign type field and also to the corresponding filter. You can now sort and/or filter the following types:

    • SP

    • SB (Product collection)

    • SB (Store spotlight)

    • SB (Video)

    • SD (Image)

    • SD (Video)

  • Enhanced campaign details

All the essential details about a campaign are now available in the improved campaign details section. It displays the “Items to advertise” like ASINs, SKUs (for Sellers), product names, brand store links, and “Creative” like Headline, Logo, Custom Image. You can access the campaign details via click on campaign name