Create Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns with Product or Category targeting in Ad Optimizer. 

Product targeting

ASIN targeting is a feature that allows advertisers to display their ads on specific product detail pages or results lists on Amazon. You can benefit from our automated target harvesting logic which automatically adds relevant ASINs to your campaign. Additionally, you have the ability to manually add products as positive or negative targets to customize the campaign strategy.

Category targeting

With Category targeting, Ad Optimizer automatically adds the most appropriate categories to your campaign as targets. You can then refine the targeting by defining negative products or negative brands to be excluded from category targeting. 

Please note that metoda target harvesting is always enabled for this targeting type and cannot be disabled.

All match types for Keyword targeting

All match types are now available for keyword targeting. You can create positive keywords with the match types "broad", "phrase" and "exact", negative keywords with "phrase" and "exact".