The management option "Bids" is now called "Manage" and with the renaming you get significantly more editing and management options for your campaigns. In addition to our bid optimization "Smart Bids", you can now customize many campaign settings directly in the Ad Optimizer, such as adjusting the targeting (depending on the targeting type) or moving them to another portfolio. In addition, it is now also possible to update "Manage" campaigns via Bulk Import or using Bulk Actions. 

All new features for the "Manage" campaigns at a glance:

Custom targeting*

Add and archive custom targets for campaign types:

  • Amazon auto

  • Keyword

  • Product

  • Category

Advanced target settings*

Set individual TACOS and/or minimum and maximum bids for strategically relevant targets (keywords, products)

Update via bulk export/import*

Campaigns can now also be exported and updated with the bulk files

Change portfolio

Move campaigns to another portfolio

Change start and end date

Available if TACOS is set

Change campaign name

Campaign name can easily be changed via the Campaign Details

Change SKUs*

Sellers can add or remove SKUs via the Campaign Details

* available for campaigns with one ad group

Important notes: 

  • For campaigns with more than one ad group, the functionality is limited (see table).

  • Custom targeting is only available for targeting types that are fully supported by Ad Optimizer. 

  • The Bulk Import template now includes 2 new tabs for Sponsored Brands (video) and Sponsored Display (video), but these can only be used for campaign updates. Video campaigns are still created via the Amazon Advertising console.