What is the difference between "Active" and "Status"?


  • "Active" = the desired state, calculated based on start and end dates --> is the campaign supposed to run? 
  • "Status" = actual state, received from Amazon --> is the campaign actually running? Amazon also indicates a reason here. therefore, many different values for status exist: 

Advertiser payment failed & Advertiser payment failureCampaign is not displayed as the entire account was blocked by Amazon due to unpaid invoicesSettle the payment issue directly with Amazon
Campaign out of budgetThe campaign is not displayed as it has reached its daily budget limit. There is a safety mechanism for new campaigns in place, which assigns a low daily budget to new campaigns initially. After the campaign has proven its success, the daily budget is set to 2000 EUR/GBP/USDKeep campaign daily budget settings as they are, the Ad Optimizer takes care of them. If you need to raise the daily budget nevertheless for strategic reasons, you can raise them on Amazon.
Pending start dateThe campaign is not running yet, as its start date is in the future. No action needed, unless you want to activate the campaign earlier than planned. In that case, change the start date in the Ad Optimizer. 
Campaign incompleteThe campaign was not fully created yet. There can be multiple reasons for this: 
  • advertised product is not eligible for advertising
  • advertised product is not available
  • advertised product does not exist (e.g. wrong ASIN imported)
  • technical reasons
Please check the eligibility and availabilty of your product and if the ASIN is correct. If these are not the reasons for the campaign to be incomplete, please contact our customer service team. 
EndedThe campaign's end date is in the past. This usually does not happen, as the Ad Optimizer does not actively set end dates on Amazon (it only pauses or enables campaigns). Delete the end date on Amazon. 
Portfolio out of budgetThe portfolio has already reached its daily budget limit. The campaigns will go back live automatically on the next day.If you want the campaigns to go back live earlier, raise the portfolio's budget. 
Portfolio endedThe portfolio does not have any active budget period. Therefore, it's end date lies in the past. Create a budget period for this portfolio.