When creating new campaigns, they go through an approval process by Amazon. If the campaign does not meet the guidelines, it will be rejected. Rejected campaigns can be easily edited and resubmitted in our Campaign Manager.

Go to ad-optimiser.metoda.com 

Click on "SPONSORED BRANDS". This leads you to the following screen which also displays the "Amazon Status":

In order to resubmit campaigns please select the rejected campaign and click on the button "Re-Submit Campaign":

Once you click on the ‘RE-SUBMIT CAMPAIGN’ button, you will see the same wizard as if you clicked on “ADD CAMPAIGN” but this time it is already filled with all the information. Adjust the settings e.g. the headline if this might have been the reason for rejection and resubmit the campaign by saving the changes.

You should have received an email from Amazon with further information about the reason for the rejection.

Same guidelines are applied as for normal campaign creation, you can check here to learn more about them: https://metoda.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/43000468907-how-to-set-up-sbas-hsas-in-ad-optimiser