When creating new campaigns, they are reviewed by Amazon to check if they are aligned with their creative guidelines. If the campaign does not meet the guidelines, it will be rejected. Rejected campaigns can be easily edited and re-submitted in Ad Optimizer. 

Go to https://ad-optimizer.metoda.com/. Click on "Campaigns". 

Filter on the rejected campaigns, using the filter on "Status" = "rejected": 

In order to resubmit campaigns, please select the rejected campaign by ticking the checkbox and open the bulk actions menu: 

Clicking on "re-submit" directs you to the launchpad, pre-filled with all information about the rejected Sponsored Brand. Adapt the sections which are responsible for the campaign rejection (e.g. inappropriate logo, headline, brand name). 

Note: You should have received an email from Amazon with further information about the reason for the rejection.

Save your changes and submit the campaign by clicking "Create campaign(s)".