To allow for better campaign analysis, we have implemented some changes in Campaign Insights v2: 

  • A new look-and-feel
    Campaign Insights v2 is now migrated to our new CI (Corporate Identity) with an improved color palette and design.

Bild 14: CIv2

  • Additional KPIs
    New KPIs are available: 

    • ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): the ROAS is a great performance indicator for your campaigns. It shows the return relative to the ad spend calculating the ratio of advertising generated revenue to ad spend. 

    • Weighted TACOS: the weighted target ACOS helps you to better understand the performance of your campaigns relative to their TACOS settings. It takes the ad spend of all your campaigns into account to calculate the desired overall TACOS.

    • CPO (Cost per Order): the CPO is the average ad spend (cost) for an order. It is another relevant performance indicator that allows you to steer your budgets more efficiently based on your goals.

    • Ad ASP: the Ad ASP represents the average price of an order generated from your advertising campaign(s). It provides insight into whether the advertised product is the same as the one purchased.

  • Improved filters
    To take into account the new features in Ad Optimizer, esp. being able to add/remove Target ACOS settings for a campaign and to change the portfolio, you have access to improved filters. 

    • The portfolio filter now gives you an exact overview of which campaigns have been residing in the selected portfolio(s) at any given point in time. 

    • The filter “metoda managed” replaces “metoda Created”. It filters all campaigns with (“True”) or without (“False”) a target ACOS. It is also taking into account historical TACOS changes on a daily basis.

  metoda managed filter