The changelog page is available again in Ad Optimizer, so you can track all relevant changes to your campaign and budget settings. The table is now more clearly arranged and you can see at a glance which user has made manual changes and when. Each change is now displayed in a separate table row. To quickly track changes, you can filter by users, changed objects (name or type) and by the respective change.

The following information about a change is displayed in the changelog table:


User id of the user who made the change

Object name

Name of the changed object (name of the campaign or portfolio)


Type of changed object (campaign type or portfolio)


Type of change (e.g. Campaign updated, campaign created, Positive target created, Negative target updated, Portfolio updated, Budget period created,...)


Shows the settings for newly created items, respectively the old status versus the new status for updates. Also shows the name of the changed item, e.g. a target or a budget period.


Date and time of the change in local time