Sponsored Display Video cannot be created via the metoda Ad Optimizer at the moment. Nevertheless, the Ad Optimizer can optimize bids based on a Target ACOS for these campaigns. The campaigns need to be created via the Amazon Advertising UI (Amazon Advertising Account). 

Step 1: Go to campaigns, click "create campaign" and select "Sponsored Display".

Step 2: Enter campaign name, portfolio, start date and optionally an end date, and the daily budget in the budget settings.

  • Campaign names need to start with “m_” in order to be optimized by metoda.
  • we do not recommend setting an end date in Amazon, as you can do this in Ad Optimizer at any time
  • Ad Optimizer adjusts the budget on a daily basis, we recommend starting with 10€/10$ 

Step 3: Ad Group name: no need for adjustments, leave it as it is

Step 4: Choose bid optimization strategy
Choose the best option depending on your strategy

Best Practice: Optimize for conversions leads to most efficient results

Step 5: Select Ad format (Video)  

Step 6: Select advertised ASIN

Step 7: Targeting (only Audiences is supported for Video)

Step 7.1: Choose Audiences

Choose the audiences you want to target and reach audiences based on product detail page views or purchases, or use our prebuilt audience segments

  • Amazon audiences: reach relevant audiences using Amazon exclusive, prebuilt segments: Lifestyle, Intrests, Life events, and In-market. -> Learn more
  • Views remarketing strategy: use audience targeting in order to retarget consumers who have already viewed your products, e.g. within the last 30 days, but who have not purchased your product yet. With this tactic, we try to convince consumers who are in the consideration phase, but have not purchased the product yet.
  • Purchases remarketing: can help you achieve different campaign objectives, including to drive repeat purchases and build customer loyalty, cross-sell to existing customers, and reach new audiences.

Step 8: Edit the Creative

Step 8.1: Provide your ad creative (video) and upload the file.

In case your video does not meet Amazon's technical requirements, the ones with issues will be highlighted in red in the error message. 

Step 8.2: Add a Logo 

Step 8.3: Add a Headline

  • max. 50 characters

Step 9: Launch campaign & submit for review

After having a final check of the settings, complete the campaign creation by clicking on “Launch campaign”. The campaign approval can take up to 72 hours. If the campaign has been rejected you’ll find it in “Drafts”, where you can edit the campaign and resubmit for approval.

Step 10: Complete the campaign in Ad Optimizer

The campaign will be shown in the metoda "Ad Optimizer - Campaigns" section 24 hours after campaign creation latest - in many cases, this process is faster.

  • Set a TACoS: Add the Target ACOS of the campaign in the metoda Campaign Manager (https://ad-optimizer.metoda.com/campaigns) once the campaign is shown there. If no TACoS value is set, the campaigns will not be optimized by our algorithm.

For Managed Service customers, our Customer Success team takes over campaign creation.

In order to provide your input, please fill in the Onboarding Template for Sponsored Display campaigns with all mandatory information.

Send the complete template and the images to metoda. The campaigns will be onboarded by the Customer Success team.