Sponsored Product campaigns with product/ category targeting cannot be created in the Ad Optimizer at the moment. Nevertheless, the Ad Optimizer will take over the optimization of the campaigns once created. 

In order to create these campaigns, you need to go to your Amazon Advertising Account.

The creation requires the following 10 steps:

Step 1: Go to campaigns, click "create campaign" and select "Sponsored Products".

Step 2: Add Group name: no need for adjustments, leave it as it is.

Step 3: Enter the ASIN of the product you want to advertise and add it. 

Best Practice: we recommend a single ASIN approach (rather than multi ASIN) to enable the most precise targeting and analysis possible.

Step 4: Choose manual targeting.

Step 5: Choose product targeting.

Step 6: Add categories or individual products.

Basically, in terms of targeting strategy, we differentiate between the following tactics

  • Defend strategy: use product targeting and defend your own ASINs with your own ASINs (e.g. for cross-selling or up-selling purposes). With this tactic, we try to protect your own product detail pages from competitors. 
  • Narrow attack strategy: use product targeting and attack relevant competitor products (e.g. close substitutes of your products, complementary products). With this tactic, we try to steal traffic from relevant competitor product detail pages. 
  • Broad attack strategy: use category targeting in order to attack all other products in the same category. This is a very broad approach but does not require as much research from your side. 

Step 7: Campaign bidding strategy - select: "Dynamic bids - down only".

Best practice: Click on "Adjust bids by placement (replaces Bid+) and set Product Pages to 50%

Step 8: Implement the basic settings
Enter the campaign name, start date (optionally an end date), and the daily budget in the budget settings. Our algorithm only considers campaigns that start with “m_” and prefers the following naming convention:

m_<ASIN>_spa_product_[defend/attack] -> should be “defend” or “attack”, depending on the strategy you choose for this campaign. 

Also, choose the portfolio (which needs to be created via the metoda Ad Optimizer beforehand and ideally a separated/dedicated one for SPA PAT).

Step 9: Launch the campaign.

After having a final check of the settings, complete the campaign creation by clicking on “Launch campaign”.

Step 10: Complete the campaign in Ad Optimizer

The campaign will be shown in the metoda "Ad Optimizer - Campaigns" section 24 hours after campaign creation latest - in many cases, this process is also a lot faster.

  • Set a TACoS: set the Target ACoS of the campaign in the metoda Campaign Manager (https://ad-optimizer.metoda.com/campaigns) once the campaign is shown there. If no TACoS value is set, the campaigns will not be optimized by our algorithm.
  • Set a budget: make sure to set a budget in Ad Optimizer (ideally within a separated/dedicated portfolio e.g. “m_spa_pat”). The Ad Optimizer will take over the budget management. Setting a budget period in the respective portfolio is the necessary requirement for your campaigns to be delivering. Otherwise, the campaign does not have any budget to be spent and will be paused accordingly.

For Managed Service customers, our Customer Success team takes over campaign creation.

In order to provide your input, please fill in the Onboarding Template for Sponsored Products with Product / Category Targeting campaigns with all mandatory information and send it to metoda.

The campaigns will be onboarded and optimized by metoda.