To add DSP to an existing workspace there to two parts which have the done, one is from INFRA and one from Service

First, you need to open a Ticket for INFRA requesting DSP access for the workspace needed, as template you can use this:

Please add DSP Insights to an existing workspace:

Name: ZWILLING Beauty Group GmbH
Workspace ID: 844
Worskpace URL :

Instructions how to connect a customer to a hidden plan (for already existing subscription!):

  1. Locate the needed subscription on subscriptions page in Chargebee. (for example by typing in search bar the email of the workspace creator). Choose the subscription for the right product.
  2. Go into this subscription.
  3. Click “Edit subscription”.
  4. Three dots on the right side of the plan, “Change Plan”.
  5. Choose the needed plan and the billing frequency (only month at the moment).
  6. Click in the top-right corner, “Update”.
  7. Verify the changes are correct.
  8. “Proceed”.
  9. Disguise into the owner of the workspace, go to, you should be able to see the hidden plan there chosen now.

Instruction for adding a subscription manually on payment. (currently this is the case for DSP, where we don’t provide a default plan and therefore a subscription is not created with the workspace)

The code for developers:

payment_account = PaymentAccount.find_by_workspace_id(407) # INPUT REQUIRED: the workspace_id

product = Product.find_by_public_id('dsp') # INPUT REQUIRED: the product public id

product_plan_price_id = 'dsp_agency_service_1_eur_monthly' # INPUT REQUIRED: the needed ProductPlanPrice

subscription = Subscription.find_or_create_by(product: product, payment_account: payment_account)

subscription.create_product_configuration product_plan_price_id)


  1. Provide the developer with these parameters: workspace_id, product_public_id, product_plan_price_public_id. For example, 407, dsp, dsp_agency_service_1_eur_monthly. Developer would run code that is at the end of the manual. (This is normally already done by INFRA) 
  2. After the developer has run the code, disguise into the workspace owner (see code in red section).
  3. Go to You should be able to see the product and the package among the subscriptions.

  4. Go to There, go into the workspace management screen.

  5. You should be able to see the newly added product in the applications tab. Go ahead and invite all users of the workspace into that application with needed roles.

  6. After this, you should be able to see the product in the home screen.