How to create a Sponsored Brand with custom image?

Definition: Sponsored Brands with custom image are regular Sponsored Brands Product Collection, which do not only show the brand logo, but additionally also a custom image (in some variations, not on every placement). Custom images can be added to any already running Sponsored Brands Product Collection. 

The creation of Sponsored Brands with custom image is partially done via the Ad Optimizer and partially via the Amazon Advertising Console. Please follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Create a Sponsored Brand in the Ad Optimizer

Simply create a normal Sponsored Brand (directing to brandstore or productlist) in the Ad Optimizer and use a brand logo as image. For further details, please refer to this article: How to create Sponsored Brands in Ad Optimizer

Step 2: Wait until campaign was approved by Amazon

Amazon needs to review and approve your campaign. Adding the custom image is only possible after campaign approval. 

Step 3: Add the custom image in the Amazon Advertising Console

Log into the Amazon Advertising console on Search for the campaign you have just created, click on it and go to the "Creative" tab. 

Click "edit creative". 

Add an image in the "Custom image" section: 

The custom image needs to fulfill the following requirements: 

  • Image size: min. 1200 x 628 pixels
  • File size: max. 5 MB
  • File format: PNG or JPG
  • Content: no text, graphics or logos within the image. It should showcase your product in a realistic setting or against an attractive background. 

Submit the new version for review. 

Step 4: Check if your custom image was approved

Search for your campaign, go to the creative section again and check if the latest version of your creative was approved by Amazon.