Notification Center

The Notification center helps you to identify issues that prevent optimal performance of your campaigns, from an entity level down to campaign levels.


In the menu you can find the item "Notifications". Next to it, you will see an indication of current notices that were triggered.

When you click on the menu item "Notifications" you will see an overview of the currently selected entity. By default, this is sorted by the criticality and grouped by the type of notices.

Example: if 3 portfolios have no current budget, you will only see the notice once, with a clear indication as to how many portfolios are affected.

On the top left, there is a button "see overview of your entities". Here, you can navigate to an overview of all entities you are allowed to see.

Types of Notifications:

Notifications are grouped into one of three levels of criticality:

  • CRITICAL: Issues, where an action is required in order to solve them and continue advertising/ achieve better results.
  • PROBLEMATIC: Issues, where an action is recommended in order to achieve better results. If left unattended, these can lead to critical issues.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Issues, where an action could lead to better results, or a notice about an issue you should be aware of, but which will be solved automatically by Ad Optimiser. 

List of Notifications:




Possible reasons

Action required


No connection to Amazon

No connection to Amazon exists.

The LWA in the metoda System was removed.

The LWA on Amazon Advertising was removed.

A connection to Amazon needs to be established via LWA. Please contact your for help. 


Connection to Amazon does not work

The connection to Amazon does not work as expected.

The LWA in the metoda System might have been edited.

Changes to the LWA on Amazon Advertising might have caused issues.

A connection to Amazon needs to be re-established via LWA. Please contact for help. 


Payment issues with Amazon

Amazon indicates that there are payment issues with the entity. All campaigns were paused by Amazon.

The invoices with Amazon Advertising were not paid on time. 

The invoices were not paid correctly (e.g. wrong amount was paid). 

Please check with your internal accounting teams first, and contact Amazon afterwards. In case you have a personal contact at Amazon Advertising, contact that person directly. 

Campaigns will be automatically reactivated when the issue is solved. 


New Entity added

A new entity was added and needs to be on-boarded.

We have noticed a new entity was added to the system. It will be idle until budget and campaigns have been added .

Add a budget period and enable campaigns.


Could not get data from Amazon

The Amazon API might temporarily not be available.

This will be solved by  a technician, no action required.


portfolio has no current budget

A portfolio managed by metoda does not have a current budget period. No campaigns are running. 

This happens if no budget period is set up or budget periods have been deleted. 

If this is not intended, create a budget period for the respective portfolio.. 


portfolio budget has run out

The entire budget of a budget period has been spent. 

metoda tries to distribute budget evenly across the budget period. In order for this to work, we need to allow for a certain contingency each day, to make up for daily, weekly or seasonal fluctuations. In extreme cases, this can lead to budget being spent too quickly, although there are safety measures in place that ensure that not all budget is spent within the first couple of days of a budget period.

Add more budget if required.


Portfolio ACoS is too high

The ACoS is too high compared to the Target ACoS.

Low conversion rate.

Review target and campaigns.


Portfolio has no next budget period

There is no budget period set up after the current one is scheduled to end.

This notification serves as a reminder to create upcoming budget periods on time.

Add future budget period(s).


Active budget period does not have active campaigns

A budget period is set up, but no campaigns are set to be live.

Budget period was set up, but no campaigns have been set up.

End dates of campaigns have been set and probably not updated.

Activate or onboard new campaigns.


Portfolio budget is about to run out.

The budget of a budget period is about to run out. The optimisation may have trouble scaling the spending down with the current settings.

Add more budget if required or review campaign settings.


Portfolio is spending too much

The current spending is higher than expected.

Keywords might have an unexpected increase in click-through rate.

Competitors might not bid on certain keywords (or bid less), thus creating new spending opportunities.

Change in seasonality or customer behavior.

The initial calculated bids by metoda might have been too high

No action is required, the optimization will take care of this.


Portfolio focus keywords have spent more than 25% of budget

A very high proportion of the budget is spent for focus keywords.

It is possible that focus keywords spend a high share of the budget due to their high bids.

In case this is not intended, review campaign and focus keyword settings.


Sponsored Brand Ads without Target ACoS

There is no Target ACoS set up for (some) Sponsored Brand Ads campaigns.

This can happen when Sponsored Brand Ads are created directly in Amazon Advertising.

Set up Target ACoS for Sponsored Brand Ads via the metoda campaign manager, campaigns will not start unless the Target ACoS has been set.


Sponsored Brand Ad was rejected

Sponsored Brand Ads was rejected.

Sponsored Brands need to be in line with Amazon ad creative policies:

Sponsored ads policies

Edit and resubmit the campaign.


Sponsored Brand Ad is not active

Sponsored Brand Ad is not active.

Possible statuses:

  • terminated

  • portfolioended

  • advertiser_payment_failure

  • portfolio_out_of_budget

  • portfolio_ended

  • campaign_out_of_budget

  • landingpagenotavailable

  • ended

  • archived

  • other

Review Sponsored Brand Ad.


Sponsored Brand Ad has no start date

Sponsored Brand Ad has no start date.

This can happen when Sponsored Brand Ads are created directly in Amazon Advertising.

Set the start date for Sponsored Brand Ad.


Portfolio can’t spend budget

The budget can’t be used to the full potential with the current settings.

The Ad Optimiser is not able to spend the budget with the given campaigns and Target ACoS values.

Adjust Target ACoS, of campaigns, add campaigns and/or adjust budget.


SKU does not fit to its ASIN

The selected SKU does not match the ASIN.

There might be a typo in the SKU.

You might have added the wrong SKU for the ASIN.

Check SKU for its correctness.


Product has no Keywords

No keywords could be generated for a manual campaign. This may happen on rare occasions for newly released products. 

This can happen if the metoda keyword creation does not find keywords for the product.

The optimization will periodically retry to gather keywords. You can speed this up by adding positive keywords.


Campaign was archived externally

The campaign was archived outside of the metoda system.

This can happen when the campaign has been archived in Amazon Advertising.

Contact your metoda contact if you wish to restart it and don’t archive metoda campaigns in Amazon Advertising.


Campaign runs in more than one portfolio

Campaign runs in more than one portfolio at the same time.

This can happen if campaigns for the same ASIN have overlapping active periods.

Review Campaigns and check if this is desired.


Portfolio could spend more

A portfolio has higher potential.

The Targets set could still be achieved with a higher budget.

Add budget to capture full potential.


Sponsored Product Ad is not active

Sponsored Product Ad is not active.

Possible reasons:

  • campaign_incomplete

  • advertiser_payment_failure

  • pending_start_date

  • portfolio_out_of_budget

  • portfolio_ended

  • advertiser_archived

  • campaign_out_of_budget

  • landingpagenotavailable

  • pendingreview

  • ended

  • rejected

  • other

  • campaign_archived

  • campaign_paused

  • scheduled

  • terminated

Review Campaign.


Campaign is about to end

The end date of a campaign is about to be reached.

This can happen when the end date of a campaign is about to be reached.

Review Campaign and change end date if required.


Active but not clicked

A product has no clicks on any campaign.

The Target ACoS may be to high.

Review Campaign.


It is currently not possible to mute or remove notifications. They will disappear as soon as the underlying issue has been resolved.