In this article you will find an explanation on how to set up SBA Store Spotlight campaigns.

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SBA Store Spotlight allows you to promote store sub-pages and product categories with Sponsored Brands. You can feature store sub pages in your creative, helping shoppers more easily discover different product categories within you store. You can showcase up to three store sub-pages.

Currently, this format cannot be set up in the metoda Frontend. Nevertheless, we do optimize SBA Store Spotlight campaigns once created. 

In order to create these campaigns you need to go to your Amazon Advertising Account

The creation requires the following 7 steps:

Step 1: Go to campaigns, click "create campaign" and select "Sponsored Brands".


Step 2: Enter the campaign name, start date and if wanted end date, and the daily budget in the budget settings. Campaign names should start with "m_" in order to be optimised by metoda. Also choose the portfolio, that has been generated via the metoda Campaign Manager beforehand. 


Step 3: Select format (Store Spotlight) and landing page (store on Amazon)

Upon selecting Store Spotlight, you will be asked to select a Store that you would like to showcase. The Store must have a minimum of three sub-pages to be eligible, with a unique product on each sub-page.


Step 4: Provide your ad creative (Brand name, logo and headline) 

The Store must have a minimum of three sub-pages to be eligible, with a unique product on each sub-page. The first three sub-pages of your Store page will be pre-selected for the Sponsored Brands creative, but you have the option to change which sub-page you want to feature. You will also have the ability to enter a custom headline, select a brand logo, and change the labels and images that represent the sub-pages within your campaign.

Step 5: Select your targeting 

You can choose between keyword and product targeting.

Step 6: Submit for review 

Step 7: Not later than 24 hours the campaign can be seen in the metoda Frontend. 

IMPORTANT: Add TACoS value in the metoda Campaign Manager ( If no TACoS value is set the campaigns will be paused automatically.

For more detailed information, please refer to Sponsored Ad guidelines for SBA set up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: setting a budget period is the necessary requirement for your campaigns to be created. Only if a budget period already exists, will your campaigns be created in Amazon Advertising.