Campaign Managment: How to transfer campaigns to another portfolio in Ad Optimizer

Transferring campaigns (SPs and SBs) into a new portfolio is not possible due to thcomplex budget handling in the background. Therefore, you need to: 

  1. Pause the existing campaign in the current portfolio
  2. Setup a new campaign in the desired portfolio

The mechanism slightly differs for Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products. When setting up the new campaign, we adopt all campaign settings such as bids and keywords from the "transferred" campaign. This way we can ensure that the new campaign in the new portfolio already starts with optimized settings, which has a positive effect on performance.

1. Pause the existing campaign (SP sand SBs):

Go to, Campaigns section. 

Select the campaign you would like to pause and either set an end date in the End date field, use the bulk actions menu (and click "pause") or deactivate the campaign via the "Active" toggle. 

2. Setup a new campaign in the desired portfolio

Sponsored Products: Simply create the campaign in the new portfolio (as described in this article: How to create Sponsored Products (SP)). The Ad Optimizer automatically copies optimized keywords and bids in the backend. 
***Caution: if you use bulk export and import functionality, please make sure to delete the campaign IDs in the last column before the import.

Sponsored Brands: Use the Copy functionality in order to create the new campaign (with similar settings as the old campaign and optimized bids) in the new portfolio. Details are explained in this article: How to update Sponsored Brands.