Definition: A portfolio is used to organize and structure your campaigns. It works like a basket, which you can fill with as many campaigns as you want. A dedicated budget can be defined on portfolio level (without having to assign each campaign a daily budget). 

Use Case: Portfolios are used to group several campaigns together and define an overall budget for that group of campaigns. This allows to assign a dedicated budget to a certain group of campaigns (which is not used for any other campaigns). You might want to split your budgets by categories, brands, campaign types, BCG matrix (cash cows, stars, question marks) or keyword types (branded vs. unbranded). 

metoda Ad Optimizer logic for portfolios: In the Ad Optimizer, portfolios are the central part of budget management. You need to create a portfolio within the metoda system, define a budget for it and assign each campaign to one of these portfolios. You can create up to 100 portfolios per entity. 

  • To access the portfolios view, click on “Portfolios” in the sidebar on the left of the screen: 

That page provides an overview on all portfolios metoda is managing for you. Note that we only manage portfolios created via our system (all others are not visible).

  • You can create a new portfolio by clicking the “New portfolio” button

Just type the name of the new portfolio into the field. As all metoda created portfolios need to start with "m_", this is already pre-filled. Define the portfolio name in a way that makes it easy to recognize, e.g. "m_sponsored_brands" or "m_kitchen_appliances". 

Click on "Create portfolio". The portfolio will be created on Amazon within the next couple of minutes (max. 30 minutes).

  • If you want to edit the name of an existing portfolio, click on that portfolio's name and Type the new name of the portfolio. The change is automatically saved when you click anywhere else. 

Keep in mind:

  • Portfolio name must be unique.

  • You can have up to 100 portfolios on Amazon. Once a portfolio is created, they cannot be deleted - only re-named. Therefore, think carefully if it makes sense to create a new portfolio for a certain use case, or if it would be better to just use an existing one.