What does Price API cost? Which plan is right for me?

After the free trial, Price API is available in several monthly and yearly subscription plans, starting at 99 Euro per month. They differ in these aspects:

  • Base cost per month

  • Monthly included usage (see credits)

  • Costs for additional usage beyond included usage

  • Contract duration

  • Support level

In short, bigger plans bring lower costs per usage, i.e. a volume discount.

Monthly costs

Each plan includes a number of credits. If you use this amount of credits (or less), your monthly costs will be the base costs for the plan as stated above (e.g. 499 Euro for the Starter plan).

Our plans are flexible however and if you want to use Price API more in any month, we bill over-usage at a fair price (e.g. 0.01 Euro / additional credit for the Starter plan).

Example: If you want to look up 2,000 products every day in a month with 30 days, this would use 2,000 * 30 = 60,000 credits.

If you are subscribed to the Starter plan, your bill this month would contain a base fee of 499 Euro for the first 50,000 credits plus 10,000 credits overusage, billed at an additional 100 Euro, for a total of 599 Euro.

Which plan is right for me?

The right plan for you depends on the number of products you want to check, the number of countries and websites you want to check on as well as how often you want to check them.

As a rule of thumb, a retailer with up to 1,500 to 3,000 products operating in one country can use our Starter plan for daily repricing. Retailers having bigger assortments, operating multiple countries or want to dominate their competition with intraday repricing will choose our Pro and Enterprise plans.

We are happy to talk about your use case and find the best solution for your company, together. Just contact us at info@priceapi.com