Some changes (e.g. TACoS, end dates, categories, tags, keywords) can be done via metoda Campaign Managemer at any time, for others (e.g. headline, images, ASINs) it is necessary to stop the existing campaign, copy, update and submit a new campaign in Amazon Advertising Dashboard.

Go to 

Click on "SBA"


Campaign updates using "Edit products"

Simply select the campaigns you want to change by ticking them and click "edit products". The edit product screen opens and you can type in the changes that you want to make. All fields that are left blank will be saved without making any adjustments. Only fields into which you have typed something will be overwritten with the new input.

Example: If you would like to add new product tags/category you have to fill in all of them into the cell including the existing ones (in the same cell, separated by semicolon).