Some changes (e.g. TACoS, end dates, categories, tags, keywords) can be done via metoda Campaign Managemer at any time (Case 1), for others (e.g. headline, images, ASINs) it is necessary to stop the existing campaign, copy, update and submit a new campaign (Case 2).

Case 1: Changes of TACoS, end dates, categories, tags and keywords

To make changes in existing campaigns, go to 



Campaign updates using "Edit Campaigns"

Simply select the campaigns you want to change by ticking them and click "EDIT CAMPAIGNS". 

The edit product screen opens and you can type in the changes that you want to make. All fields that are left blank will be saved without making any adjustments. Only fields into which you have typed something will be overwritten with the new input. 

Example: In the the example below, only Category, Start Date, End Date and Target ACoS will be considered and updated in case it changed

Note. If you would like to add new product tags/category you have to fill in all of them into the cell including the existing ones (in the same cell, separated by semicolon).

Case 2: Changes of headline, images, ASINs 

For other adaptions like e.g. headline, images or ASINs the campaign need to be stopped, copied, updated and submitted as new campaign.

Step 1: Pause current campaign

To pause the current campaign, just set an end date. Choose "yesterday" to pause the campaign immediately or set any other day you wish the campaign to end. 

In order to copy an existing campaign please select a none rejected campaign and click on the button "COPY CAMPAIGN". Please note that only one campaign at a time can be copied and only none rejected campaigns can be copied. Campaigns with status "rejected" cannot be copied but need to be resubmitted (Here you can find how to resubmit an campaign in the metoda Campaign Manager:

Step 2: Copy current campaign

You can copy a Sponsored Brand Ads campaign by selecting a campaign for which we will then create a new campaign identical to the existing one. Identical means that the new campaign has the same settings as the copied one in terms of the performance information, keywords, bids, and campaign budget. Further, you can edit any of those settings before finally creating the copied campaign.

If you click on it, you will see the same wizard as for creating a new campaign, but this time it’s prefilled with the source campaign data.

Same rules and validations applied as in creating new SBA campaign, more information:

Note: In both cases you need to change the name of the campaign; e.g. use the same name starting with "m_" and add a (2) in the end to recognize it as the updated campaign.