Some changes (e.g. TACoS, end dates, categories, tags, keywords) can be done via metoda Campaign Managemer at any time (Case 1), for others which concern the creative itself (e.g. headline, images, ASINs, landing page) it is necessary to stop the existing campaign, copy it, update and submit the new campaign (Case 2).

Case 1: Changes of TACoS, end dates, categories, tags and keywords

To make changes in existing campaigns, go to and click on "Campaigns": 

You have 3 options, depending on how many changes you want to implement and if they are similar: 

  • Option 1: update one single campaign by clicking on the respective field in the table and adjusting it. This option is recommended if you only want to implement a low number of changes. 
  • Option 2: select several campaigns and use the bulk actions menu to implement the same change for all selected campaigns at once. This is recommended if you want to change multiple campaigns, but the same setting should be adjusted, e.g. the same End Date should be set for all selected campaigns. 
  • Option 3: export the campaigns, adjust the settings in the Excel file and import it afterwards. This is recommended if you want to implement diverse adjustments for many different campaigns

Option 1: Updating one single campaign by clicking on the respective field in the table

Simply click on the field in the table that you want to adjust, e.g. the End date: 

A pop-up window opens, and you can select the end date for that campaign. This works similarly for all other editable fields (goal, targeting, start date, end date, tags, category). 

Please note: certain fields can't be edited at all, this includes Portfolio.If you want to change the portfolio, you need to pause the campaign in the existing portfolio, copy it and activate it in another portfolio. For details please check the second part of this article.

Option 2: Updating several campaigns via the quick actions

Select all the campaigns you would like to edit at the same time. Tipp: combine several filters in order to identify all the campaigns you would like to edit, e.g. Campaign type = SPA, Active = TRUE, ASIN "is one of" = "B07R75164B,B08P7K9LYY" and then select all the results. At the bottom, below the table, you will see how many campaigns you have selected.  

Click on the little arrow besides the "Select all" box to open the bulk actions menu. 

This opens the following drop-down: 

Select on of these bulk actions, insert additional input where necessary and your changes will be implemented for all selected campaigns. Please find defintions of the bulk actions in the table below: 

Bulk actionFurther input neededImpact
EnablenoCampaigns will be activated asap
PausenoCampaigns will be paused asap
Re-submit (for rejected SB only)yes: adjust the fields that led to the rejection of the campaignYou will be directed to the launchpad, pre-filled with the SB data of the selected rejected campaign. Adjust all fields that are responsible for campaign rejection (e.g. headline, logo)
Change Target ACOSyes: new Target ACOSTACOS will be set to the new value
Add tagsyes: new (additional) tagsNew tags will be added in addition to the existing ones
Remove tagsyes: select the tags you would like to removeThe tags will be removed from all campaigns
Change Categoryyes: new categoryThe category will be overwritten with the new value
Copy (for SB only)yes: adjust the fields you would like to adapt in the launchpadThe SB will be created with the same keywords and bids as the old campaign. Everything that was changed in the launchpad (e.g. ASINs, headline, logo) will be reflected in the new campaign. 
Set end dateyes: end dateThe end date will be set for all campaigns. The campaigns will run until (and including) that day. If you want to pause a campaign immediately, set the end date to yesterday.
Remove end datenoAll end dates will be removed, meaning that campaigns will go back live asap.
Customize keywordsyes: positive and/or negative keywordsPositive keywords will be added to your campaigns (using phrase match). Negative keywords will be added to your campaigns (using phrase match).

Case 3: Campaign updates using "Import" 

Start with an "Export in bulk import template" in the campaigns table. Tipp: combine several filters in order to identify all the campaigns you would like to edit, e.g. Campaign type = SBA and then select all the results.

Of course, you could also simply export all the campaigns, do your adjustments (also only to a sub-set of the campaigns) and import the file again. Any campaigns that were not touched will remain as they are. 

Please note that the export includes a dedicated Campaign ID. It is used to identify that specific campaign (this is more reliable than just using something like a campaign name). If you want to create a new campaign (e.g. in a new portfolio), that ID needs to be deleted - otherwise, you would be trying to change the portfolio of that specific campaign, which is not possible. 

The Excel file generated via "Export in bulk import template" looks like this: 

Now, it's up to you to insert your changes to the following columns: 

  • Goal
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Negative keywords
  • Positive keywords

The following columns cannot be edited. If you want to adjust these nevertheless, you need to copy the campaign, edit it and pause the old one (this is explained in further detail in the second section of this article): 

  • Portfolio name
  • Campaign Name
  • Landing page type
  • Landing page link
  • ASINs
  • Image file
  • Headline
  • Brand name
  • Use metoda keywords

Click on "Import" at the top of the page.

After uploading the file, you will be directed to the launchpad: 

In case something had not been filled in properly in the file, you will receive error messages indicating in which adjustments are necessary. You can adjust these settings directly in the launchpad (either directly in the respective fields (see Case 1) or using the bulk actions (see Case 2)).

Click "Create campaign(s)" to implement your changes. 

Case 2: Changes of portfolio, campaign name, landing page, ASINs, images, Brand name

For other adaptions listed below, the campaign need to be stopped, copied, updated and submitted as new campaign:

  • Portfolio name
  • Campaign Name
  • Landing page type
  • Landing page link
  • ASINs
  • Image file
  • Headline
  • Brand name
  • Use metoda keywords

Step 1: Pause current campaign

To pause the current campaign, just set an end date or use the "Pause" functionality in the bulk actions menu. Choose "yesterday" to pause the campaign immediately or set any other day you wish the campaign to end. 

Step 2: Copy current campaign

In order to copy an existing campaign, please select a non-rejected campaign by ticking the check-box on the left, open the bulk actions menu (little arrow next to the select all functionality) and click on the button "Copy". 

Please note that only one campaign at a time can be copied and only non-rejected campaigns can be copied. Campaigns with status "rejected" cannot be copied but need to be resubmitted (for further information refer to How to resubmit rejected Sponsored Brands).

Step 3: Adjust campaign in the launchpad and submit it

Clicking "Copy" will direct you to the launchpad, filled with all input of the copied campaign. Only the campaign name is different (it now shows "_copy" at the end, but can of course be adapted). 

Now proceed with your adjustments by clicking on the relevant fields. All creative related information can be found when clicking on the campaign name, which directs you to this page: 

Save your changes and submit the campaign by clicking "Create Campaign(s)". 

Please note that Amazon reviews all Sponsored Brands, and therefore, they might get rejected. Please check whether your copied campaign was approved by Amazon on the day after creation.

Please note that all keywords and bids will be copied from the previous campaign. If you do not want this to happen, create an entirely new campaign instead of copying.