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Campaigns can be edited at any time

You can either: 

  •  Case 1: update SPA settings for existing products manually by selecting the campaigns you want to change by ticking them, and clicking “Edit products” 

  • Case 2: import several product updates at once using “Import products” and our onboarding template (the csv-template can be downloaded by clicking "Import products", "Download example CSV") 

CASE 1: Campaign updates using "Edit products"

Simply select the campaigns you want to change by ticking them, and click "edit products". The edit product screen opens:

Type in the changes that you want to make. All fields that are left blank will be saved without making any adjustments. Only fields into which you have typed something will be overwritten with the new input

IMPORTANT NOTES: adjustments will be implemented for all selected ASINs

CASE 2: Campaign updates using "Import products" 

Simply click "import products".

First step: Download the example CSV and fill in all mandatory information*.
The example CSV looks as follows (for vendors: there is no column with SKUs): 

*Mandatory information depends on the updates you want to make:

In general: if you would like to implement changes, you just need to fill in the affected ASIN and the new information, that you want to update. Please leave the rest blank.


  • If you want to set a new TACoS:
    Please fill in the ASIN and the new TACoS value. No need to fill in a start date if the campaign is already running and changes need to be done asap (as this is the start date of the campaigns, not the date when changes will be implemented).
  • If you want to set new product tags/category:
    Please fill in the ASIN and the new product tag/category. Please note that the current product tags/category will be overwritten. So if you would like to add new product tags/category you have to fill in all of them into the onboarding template including the existing ones (in the same cell, separated by semicolon).

 There are several formatting requirements for the input into this CSV: 

Target ACoS
Needs to be a integer, no decimals are allowed. Should NOT be formatted as a percentage (e.g. 10 meaning 10%)
Start Date & End Date
Needs to be formatted in YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2019-03-01)
Only one tag is possible
Product Tag
You can add several product tags, which need to be separated by a semicolon (";")
Negative Keywords
No specific requirements, several negative keywords need to be separated by a semicolon (";")
Campaign type

Should be left empty. By default, two campaigns will be generated (see above)

Save the CSV as UTF-8 (comma-separated file) and drag it into the "Import products" screen.

In case somenthing is not filled in properly, you will receive error messages indicating in which row adjustments are necessary.

Click "save" to upload your CSV.