Please fill in the Onboarding Template for PDAs with all mandatory information and send it to metoda:

PDA headline
Max. 50 characters, headlines need to be "appropriate" (avoid stating being "best" or "test champion")

ASIN of the product you want to display in the PDA

Targeting typeTwo possible options:
- Product-based type: you can choose between Category-based type (You need to provide us the Target Categories, meaning the categories you want your ad to be displayed in; ads will be shown on your own or competitors' product detail pages) & Product-based type (You need to provide us the Target ASINs, meaning the ASINs of the products that you want your ad to be displayed on; can be own or competitors' ASINs, depending on your strategy)
- Interested-based type: we usually do not use & recommend this targeting type
Brand name
Will be stated on top of the PDA, often differs from the entity name
Brand logo
Picture, needed for upload
Active from
Start date of the campaigns
Target ACoS you want to achieve with your campaigns, only full percentage values possible
Active toCan either be left blank for unlimited campaign duration, or be filled in for setting an end date of the campaign
You can set one category tag
You can set one or more product tags. Note: Several product tags need to be separated by a semicolon (";")

Best Practice Targeting:

Depending on your strategy, we recommend using product-based targeting type in order to maintain full control regarding ad placements. Additionally, it could be useful doing A/B-testing for each ASIN in order to find out which targeting type is the best for your products. 


Send the complete template to metoda. The campaigns will be onboarded by metoda

Afterwards, our algorithm will optimise the campaigns automatically according to your TACoS settings.