Sponsored Display campaigns cannot be created in the Ad Optimizer at the moment. Also, the optimization of these campaigns based on a Target ACOS value is not possible in an automated way. Therefore, self-service users need to create and manage their campaigns manually in the Amazon Advertising console

For Managed Service customers, our Customer Success team takes over both campaign creation and optimization. 

In order to provide your input, please fill in the Onboarding Template for Sponsored Display campaigns with all mandatory information and send it to metoda. 

Basically, in terms of targeting strategy, we differentiate between the following tactics

  • Defend strategy: use product targeting and defend your own ASINs with your own ASINs (e.g. for cross-selling or up-selling purposes). With this tactic, we try to protect your own product detail pages from competitors. 
  • Narrow attack strategy: use product targeting and attack relevant competitor products (e.g. close substitutes of your products, complementary products). With this tactic, we try to steal traffic from relevant competitor product detail pages. 
  • Broad attack strategy: use category targeting in order to attack all other products in the same category. This is a very broad approach, but does not require as much research from your side. 
  • Views remarketing strategy: use audience targeting in order to retarget consumers who have already viewed your products within the last 30 days, but who have not purchased your product yet. With this tactic, we try to convince consumers who are in the consideration phase, but have not purchased the product yet. 

Concerning the creative, you have 3 options

  • Display the product image: this is the default option. The first image from the product detail page is used in the creative.  
  • Display the product image, brand logo, headline: In addition to the first image from the product detail page, you can add your brand logo (min. 600x100 pixel, max. 1 MB file size, PNG or JPG format) and a headline (max. 50 characters). 
  • Display a custom image: instead of the default image from the product detail page, you can use a custom image displaying your product in a realistic setting or against an attractive background. The image must fulfill the following requirements: min. 1200x628 pixels, max. 5 MB file size, in PNG or JPG format, the content may not contain text, graphics or logos.  

Send the complete template and the images to metoda. The campaigns will be onboarded and optimized by metoda