Sponsored Brands (formerly known as Headline Search Ads) need to be onboarded in your Amazon Advertising account (campaign name needs to start with "m_").

As soon as they are approved by Amazon (this can take up to 72 hours), you can view them on ad-optimiser.metoda.com, on "SBA" overview.

Please note: As soon as the new SBAs are approved by Amazon, please add the TACoS on ad-optimiser.metoda.com. Otherwise, these campaigns cannot be optimised by our algorithm, as a missing TACoS will be interpreted as a TACoS of zero by our system. As a result, the SBA campaigns will be paused immediately.

Below you find some information for the SBA set up as well as some best practices.

For more detailed information, please refer to Amazon guidelines for SBA set up: Sponsored Brands

Amazon Advertising:

  • Campaign name: needs to start with "m_", otherwise the campaign can't be optimised by our algorithm.
  • Headline: max. 50 characters, headlines need to be "appropriate" (avoid stating being "best" or "test champion"). Please refer to Amazon guidelines for more detailed information
  • ASINs you want to target with the SBA (usually 3 ASINs will be displayed in the ad)
  • Brand name: will be stated at the top of the SBA, often differs from entity name
  • Targeting: you can choose between two options. When shoppers click on the SBA, they can be directed to
    (1) your Amazon Brand Store (please provide the link, store needs to include all ASINs included in SBA)
    (2) a list of products (this is our default setting if the field is left empty, a product list including at least three products)
  • Keywords: we recommend to copy your keywords from the euqivalent SPA campaign of your ASINs displayed (in case you set up both the SBA and the SPA campaign, we recommend to initally set up the SPA campaign and afterwards the SBA campaign in order to take the keywords from the SPA campaign)

metoda Campaign Manager:

  • TACoS*: the target ACoS you want to achieve with your campaigns, only full percentage values possible (needs to be added in metoda Campaign Manager)
  • Active from: start date of the campaigns
  • Active to: can either be left blank for unlimited campaign duration, or be filled in for setting an end date of the campaign
  • Category: you can set a category tag (the campaign name will be displayed as a hierarchy level in our reporting and will give you the possibility for filtering)
  • Tag: you can set a product tag (we would recommend putting in the ASINs included into your SBAs as Product tags, so that you always have an overview on which ASINs are advertised with it). Note: Need to be separated by a semicolon (";")

*TACoS for SBA can of course be adjusted at any time, similarly to SPAs

How to adjust the TACoS of SBA:

  • Click “Edit campaigns”
  • Type in TACoS values
  • Click "Save"


  • Images: We recommend rather using product images instead of a brand logo, as in some ad placements, especially for mobile devices, Amazon only displays the picture on the left and the headline. Without appropriate product image, the shopper may not know which product is advertised. We noticed a significantly higher performance on those Sponsored Brands.
  • Targeting: Depending on your strategy we recommend using a productlist as we noticed a better performance with this targeting method. Additionally, it could be useful doing A/B-testing (productlist vs. store) in order to find out which targeting type is the best for your products and strategy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you need to deactivate all your own campaigns that target the ASINs which should be managed by metoda (otherwise campaigns will bid against each other, newer campaigns have a disadvantage compared to existing campaigns because they have not generated any clicks or revenues yet).

IMPORTANT NOTE: setting a budget period is the necessary requirement for your campaigns to be created. Only if a budget period already exists, will your campaigns be created in Amazon Advertising.