Go to ad-optimiser.metoda.com 

  • Click on "PORTFOLIOS & BUDGET" to see, create, update or delete budget periods:


  • Budget periods can be found in its portfolio. Just click on the arrow next to portfolio name


  • Now, you can see all budget period created in the portfolio named "m_metoda-default"



 If you want to generate a new budget period you can either:

Case 1: add budget periods one by one manually or


Case 2: import several budget periods at once using "Import budget periods"


In both cases, you need to fill in all mandatory information






This identifies the budget period. Do not change or remove the id for existing budget periods. If you add a new budget period, leave the id empty.

Portfolio name


Name of the portfolio the budget period gets assigned to. Must be an existing portfolio name.

Budget period name


You can add any name to better identify your budget periods (e.g. Q1, January 2020 etc.)

Start date


Start date of the budget period. When creating new or editing existing periods, must be today or a date in the future in any format recognised by Excel. (e.g. YYYY-MM-DD, like 2020-12-31).

End date


End date of the budget period. Must be a date at least 7 days after the start date in any format recognized by Excel (e.g. YYYY-MM-DD, like 2020-12-31).

Initial Budget


Must be a number. Must not contain any currency symbols (€, $, etc.). Automatically stated in your respective country's local currency.

Inherit Remaining Budget


If it is set to ‘Yes’, then the remaining budget from the previous budget period will be automatically shifted to this budget period and added to the ‘initial budget’. The default setting is ‘No’, which means that no remaining budget will be shifted into this period.

Tipp: While it is possible and in many cases helpful to set up shorter budget periods, we recommend using a length of at least one month as much as possible.  

Case 1: Generating budget periods manually:

  • If you want to add a new budget period, click on "Add new budget period":


  • Fill in all mandatory information:


  • Portfolio: This field is for the portfolio you want to create a budget period for, it’s a drop-down and it’s mandatory.
    Note: you can’t change the portfolio of the budget period after creating it.

  • Click "save" to finish. The budget period is now created:


Case 2: Generating budget periods with a bulk import:

  • Click on the IMPORT BUDGET PERIODS-button

  • download the example Excel-file on the Import-screen


  • Fill out the template according to your needs

    Important: if you want to update existing budget periods, make sure to leave the ID empty
  • Save the file as an Excel and drag it into the "Import campaigns" screen.
  • Click "save" to upload your Excel.
  • In case something is not filled in properly, you will receive error messages indicating in which adjustments are necessary.

Tipp: You can also export all current budget periods via the EXPORT PORTFOLIOS & BUDGETS-button, use this file to make changes and re-upload it as described above.



IMPORTANT NOTE: setting a budget period is the necessary requirement for your campaigns to be created. Only if a budget period already exists, will your campaigns be created in Amazon Advertising. In case no budget period is set for today, all campaigns will be stopped immediately.