Before you set up campaigns in Ad Optimiser, you will need to make several decisions: 

For which ASINs do you want to generate campaigns?

We recommend onboarding ASINs with high potential, meaning products which:

  • have good customer reviews 
  • have competitive prices
  • do not have very low prices (e.g. no plus products, no prices below 5 euros/pounds/dollars)
  • have good organic visibility 
  • have good content (e.g. pictures, headline, bullet points, A+ content)

Note: Whenever products are out of stock or you are not the buybox owner, your ads will not be displayed by Amazon.

The amount of ASINs you can onboard depends on your budget. We calculate with 10 EUR/USD/GBP per ASIN per day in order to determine the minimum budget needed. During initial onboarding, we recommend not to onboard more than 100 ASINs. Of course, it is possible to onboard more ASINs successively after the initial setup. 

How much budget do you want to spend?

  • For our algorithm to work properly, we need a minimum budget of 10 EUR/USD/GBP per ASIN per day (minimum budget is 500 EUR/USD/GBP per month)
  • Budget period: we need a minimum budget period of 28 days, but we recommend setting the budget period as long as possible in order to achieve better results

Note: the budget is used to cover the cost for the ads on Amazon and does not include the metoda fee. You will receive two invoices: one from Amazon for the campaign costs and one from metoda for the Ad Optimiser fee

Which target advertising cost of sales (TACoS) do you want to achieve?

The advertising cost of sales (ACoS) is calculated by dividing total spend by attributed sales.

It is important to set realistic target ACoS values for all your campaigns. In order to determine them, you could:

  • Check the actual ACoS values of your previous campaigns as an indication and ad at least 5 percentage points
  • If those are not available, we recommend starting with at least 15% - 20%

TACoS values can be adjusted at any time. We recommend rather starting with TACoS values above your real targets in order to give our algorithm room for development and optimisation, and decrease them after the first month. 

Of course, you can also set TACoS values above 100%, in case you want to boost visibility of new product launches or attack competitors.